1024 819 SFEL

APSO APSO french lighting surface mounted. Direct/indirect lighting. Installation in the rooms of the maternity department of the University Hospital of Poitiers (86). (c) Sfel

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1024 768 SFEL

RGD RGD luminaire technical strip for direct or indirect lighting. Installation in Citadium shops. Citadium shop, Les Champs Elysée (75). (c) Sfel RGD Citadium (c) SFEL RGD Citadium (c) SFEL

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1024 258 SFEL

TUFO TUFO tubular luminaire. Installation for interior and exterior lighting. La Vallée des Saints reception building in Carnoet (22). (c) Kevin Bian architecte (c) Jonathan Letoublon TUFO La Vallee des…

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ORIGIN building in Nanterre
1024 698 SFEL

The project for the Origine building in Nanterre Specific product Perspective d’Origine, office building in Nanterre – © Maud Caubet Architectes and © Quadrifiore Architecture – source ICADE – work…

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1024 258 SFEL

SIPA Pendant lighting SIPA. Installation at the cultural center of Cabourg (14). (c) Javier Callejas & Elodie Dupuis lemoal lemoal architectes SFEL SIPA centre culturel de Cabourg (c) Javier Callejas…

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Collège Sainte-Clotilde (Paris XIIème)
885 336 SFEL

The renovation project of the Collège Sainte-Clotilde in Paris Specific product according to OPALI Collège Sainte-Clotilde (Paris XIIème) – Architecte : Roland Schweitzer Learn more about renovation Located within a…

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ESAD of Toulon
1000 667 SFEL

The project at the Higher School of Art and Design of Toulon Specific product according to SURI ESAD of Toulon (83) – Architect: Corinne Vezzoni and associates – © D…

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Thermal baths of Balaruc-les-bains
750 498 SFEL

The project carried out for the thermal baths of Balaruc-les-Bains Specific product © Balaruc Tourisme – Hugo Da Costa Located on the banks of the Thau basin, the thermal establishment…

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OPIM Poitiers University Hospital
853 567 SFEL

The project at the University Hospital of Poitiers Specific product according to Opali University Hospital of Poitiers (86) – Architect: Brenac & Gonzalez & Associés – © StefanTuchila The University…

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ARAMIS à Bruxelles
200 301 SFEL

The Aramis office renovation project in Belgium Specific product according to Seno Aramis building – © Piet Mares Close to Brussels Airport (Belgium), Aramis is an office building that has…

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