OPIM Poitiers University Hospital

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The project at the University Hospital of Poitiers

Specific product according to Opali

University Hospital of Poitiers (86) – Architect: Brenac & Gonzalez & Associés – © StefanTuchila

The University Hospital of Poitiers (86) has decided to renovate part of its recessed lighting, with the imperative of leaving the current structure for fixing the luminaires mounted on the ceiling. This modernization of the lighting system allows the replacement of fluorescent luminaires with more efficient and less energy-consuming LED luminaires.

Sfel has therefore developed a quick and economical technical solution, fully adapted to the installations present in the hospital establishment. A special product – consisting of a sealed body, an interchangeable cover and an optic – is fixed from the inside on the casing of the old product using self-drilling screws and held by a rope of security. This made-to-measure luminaire, created from our square Opali, has hollow edges overlapping those of the boxes of the products to be replaced.

This fast and economical lighting solution allows this hospital center to modernize its luminaires with fully customized and maintainable products.

Product specifics
• Places of installation: corridors (corridors, halls), medical areas
(clean rooms, operating theatres)
• Options: class II, tempered glass optics, IP65 version from below

The key points of the project
• Request: replace recessed lighting without dismantling
the ceiling in place
• Constraint: offer recessed lighting compatible with the system
existing fixing
• Solution: luminaire integrated into the casing of the luminaire to be replaced

“A lighting solution developed specifically for the needs of a customer and which can be adapted to meet any special request.”


The different stages of lighting renovation
• Design of a made-to-measure product that is screwed from the inside onto the casing of the old light fixture that remains fixed to the ceiling.
• Removal of the optics and the interior of the body of each luminaire to be changed, leaving only one empty box.
• Fixing of the body of the replacement luminaire inside the casing of the old product, then of the interchangeable cover and of the optics.

Specific product focus

Materials and finishes
Recessed in sheet steel with hollow edges of 575 x 575 mm consisting of an interchangeable cover and a basin. Mounting from below

Color rendering index
CRI > 80.

50 000 h L80/F10.

The LEDs used in our products are classified in group 0: risk-free (presents no photobiological risk). SDMC = 3

3 981 lm – 31 W

Electronic power supply (B1), 4000 K (H40), opal optic (C1), bottom mounting (MO),
IP54 from below, Class I.

L = 575 mm
h = 84 mm (alimentation incluse)