ARAMIS à Bruxelles

200 301 SFEL

The Aramis office renovation project in Belgium

Specific product according to Seno

Aramis building – © Piet Mares

Close to Brussels Airport (Belgium), Aramis is an office building that has had its lighting renewed, choosing fixtures compatible with the ceiling structures already in place. A specific mounting method has therefore been developed to install luminaires on a steel deck ceiling.

SFEL has designed a fixing system using the end fittings of the luminaires.
On these products, an end hook has been added in order to position each device on the steel tray support of the ceiling. From our SENO profile – 610 mm to 1510 mm long and 100 mm wide – almost 200 custom profiles have been produced. Hook profiles, with 3 specific lengths (870 mm, 880 mm and 1,250 mm) and a width of 100 mm are present in this building.

Product specificity
• Places of installation: offices (open space, meeting rooms, workstations)
• Selected options: 200 mm pre-wiring, GST15 connector, UGR <19, RAL 9003 body and end caps, clear diamond-cut polycarbonate with opal PMMA film
• Manufacturing: 188 luminaires (lengths: 870 mm, 880 mm, 1,250 mm)

The key points of the project
• Request: replace luminaires by installing them on existing structures on the ceiling
• Constraint: propose a non-screwed and non-suspended ceiling mounting method
• Solution: design an installation system fixed to the ceiling reinforcement

The fixing system for steel tray support
I. Custom Earmold Design
• Use of specific fixing hardware:
– the countersunk screws are used to press the hooks on top
– the rivet in the middle ensures a permanent hold on the tips
– cylindrical head screws guarantee a firm attachment of the hooks to the luminaire body
• Creation of multiple closing holes

II. Making an End Hook
• Integration of an added part which allows fixing by the ends of the product
• The hook is used as a part that clips the luminaire to the steel tray support

III. Installation method
• Attachment of hook lights between each frame of the steel decks
• Use of the safety ropes present on the top of the device

Lighting in offices – Retouched photograph – © Romain REIX – Interior Renovation Plus

Specific product focus

Materials and finishes
Aluminum profile, length 870 to 1250 mm x 100 mm with a body and end caps painted in white RAL 9003. Recessed mounting on steel tray type ceiling.

Color rendering index
CRI > 80.

70 000 h L80/F10.

The LEDs used in our products are classified in group 0: risk-free (presents no photobiological risk). SDMC = 3

UGR < 19

16 à 32 W, 1 728 à 3 500 lm

L = 610 à 1 510 mm
l = 100 mm
h = 80 mm