Collège Sainte-Clotilde (Paris XIIème)

885 336 SFEL

The renovation project of the Collège Sainte-Clotilde in Paris

Specific product according to OPALI

Collège Sainte-Clotilde (Paris XIIème) – Architecte : Roland Schweitzer

Located within a natural park of 3 hectares and near a chapel, the Sainte-Clotilde college in Paris has carried out a total rehabilitation of its building. This private establishment, founded in the 1970s, notably carried out sound insulation by installing acoustic ceilings.

Sfel has therefore designed a product for embedding in this type of structure. From the square recessed Opali, a tailor-made luminaire was designed for installation in a specific modular ceiling. Près d’une soixantaine d’encastrés avec montage par le dessous, de dimensions 600 x 300 mm et dotés de bords personnalisés ont été fabriqués.

This SFEL lighting device fits perfectly into modular panels. Available with the Opali or Opom recessed, this special luminaire adapts to any type of false ceiling.

Product specificity
• Places of installation: classrooms
• Selected options: diamond optics with opal diffuser, class II
• Manufacture: 58 recessed luminaires – Also on this project, 13 SURI profile luminaires

The key points of the project
• Application: install luminaires in a hidden grid modular ceiling
• Constraints: propose a recessed with an invisible installation
• Solution: design a product with edges that hug the false ceiling

The characteristics of the Opali for modular ceiling D/AEX of the ROCKFON® brand
• Design of a modified box
– with adapted dimensions
– with an 11 mm bezel on the body of the device
• Manufacture of a luminaire with different edges
One edge rests on the ceiling frame to allow positioning of the product at the correct height
– The other 3 edges are flush with the ceiling panels
• Creation of a recessed with mounting from below, which is suspended by steel ropes
– The length of the cables is adjusted to align the underside of the luminaire on the false ceiling

Specific product focus

Materials and finishes
Body in sheet steel painted white, dimensions 600 × 300 mm.

70 000 h L80/F10.

The LEDs used in our products are classified in group 1: low risk (no photobiological risk under normal conditions of use). SDMC = 3

Class II

L = 598,3 mm l = 367 mm
L2 = 559,2 mm l2 = 315 mm
h = 11 mm