New SLIM OFFICE LED luminaire – optimized for the new NF EN 12464-1

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New product 2022: the luminaire optimized for offices with screen work

Discover the new SLIM OFFICE SFEL profile.

The SLIM OFFICE luminaire has been specially designed to meet the update of the NF EN 12464-1 standard.

UGR <19 EVEN UGR<16 for this specific device for offices which offers fluxes up to 2000 lm/m to optimize the number of luminaires.

PERFECT WALL, CYLINDRICAL AND CEILING ILLUMINATION, for this LED profile which develops soft and not very intensive lighting allowing a good general lighting atmosphere: the wall, cylindrical and ceiling level illuminations are thus worked to meet the new requirements of the NF standard EN 12464-1.

The SLIM OFFICE luminaire is designed to last

DURABLE thanks to its aluminum body and its quality electronic components displaying 70000 hours for L80. The remote driver and the aluminum body also make it possible to cool the LEDs and the driver as much as possible, the lifespans of which are thus optimized.

MAINTAINABLE: the remote driver makes it particularly easy to maintain, the standard ZHAGA LED strips are easy to maintain and the clipped polycarbonate is kept in stock at SFEL: all maintenance parts are therefore available over time.

The SLIM OFFICE luminaire will suit all your projects.

ELEGANT DESIGN, for this thin aluminum profile – height of 40 mm – equipped with a remote driver, which makes it a discreet and minimalist product.

CLEAN STYLE, for this product entirely painted in white and without visible screws. With a thin height and a light aluminum body, the sobriety of the SLIM OFFICE will allow easy integration into all your rooms.

COVER FOR DRIVER, multiple solutions exist to adapt or hide the remote driver of this device.

The SLIM OFFICE luminaire is solid and efficient

ROBUSTNESS, for this LED profile consisting of an aluminum body and screwed ends in sheet steel and which displays an IK07.

EFFICIENCY, the particularly simple architecture of the luminaire makes it possible to limit optical losses while delivering soft, glare-free lighting. The remote driver and the aluminum body make it possible to cool the LEDs and the driver as much as possible, whose efficiencies are thus optimized.


The SLIM OFFICE luminaire can be elegantly adapted to all types of ceilings.

SUSPENDED OR CEILING MOUNTED, the luminaire is held by cables at the back of the body or fixed with a system of spring clips. Installing the device is quick and easy.

DEPENDING ON THE TYPE OF CEILING, the driver can be housed on the luminaire, in a simple box on the ceiling or in the false ceiling: there is a solution for all your situations.

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