Finally a new French technical and aesthetic luminaire!

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SFEL is pleased and proud to present its LN luminaire, the result of 5 years of studies and a considerable financial investment.

The arrival of such a technical, aesthetic and maintainable luminaire on the French market is a real event.

This luminaire – designed to meet the needs of the RATP in terms of lighting, design, installation and maintenance – is unique: it will adapt to all your situations where technical constraints in no way yield to aesthetics. .

It will be perfect for all your demanding projects and will enhance your architecture while meeting the strictest standards. It will combine comfort, safety and durability in order to make your buildings last and will be particularly relevant in public buildings, indoors or outdoors.

This luminaire is designed to have a lifespan of 30 years, with spare parts available and easy maintainability.

Both Parisian and Poitevin, it is local and favors short circuits for the benefit of the planet and employment in our regions.

Hurry up to contact us so that we can come and present this exceptional product to you!