Tubular accessories

Decide on the color for the body, the end caps, the collars or even the grilles with the range of RAL shades available. Add a decorative touch with the driver cover or woven cable. The stainless steel rosette and the roof kit are also there to conceal your cable entries.

Color chart

The SFEL color chart – 23 standard colors available.
Can’t find what you’re looking for among the RAL colours?
Sfel shades are unique and will enhance all your projects. Discreet or extravagant, there is something for everyone.
More information on our surface treatment chain here.
  • (A) End caps and collars painted standard RAL – K036, K015, K041
  • (B) End caps and collars painted non-standard RAL – RALxx
  • (C) End caps, collars and plate painted in standard RAL – RALxx..-1
  • (D) Shiny stainless steel disc with grommet – ROSPF70, ROSPF100, ROSPF125
  • (EStainless steel disc painted in RAL white 9003 or black 9005 with grommet – ROSPF70, ROSPF100, ROSPF125-K036 ou K015
  • Shiny stainless steel disc with cable gland – ROSPF70, ROSPF100, ROSPF125-N02
  • Stainless steel disc painted in RAL white 9003 or black 9005 with cable gland – ROSPF70, ROSPF100, ROSPF125-N02K036 ou K015
  • Driver cover at the rear of the plate in shiny unpainted aluminum – A2-BRUT


Passivation is a surface treatment of metals consisting in generating a passive surface layer to reduce corrosion. A passivation against oxidation by chlorine must be carried out for example on stainless steel (316L) for any use, in chlorinated swimming pools, of luminaires with stainless steel parts.
Marine version: for Turbo, Tufo, Tumo, Tuni except 360° versions. Treatment of CHC screw collars and end fittings.
  • End caps and screw collars in 316L stainless steel –M1
  • End caps and screw collars in 316L stainless steel + chlorine passivation – M2
  • (A) End caps and screw clamps in anodized aluminum, “pool” version – M3

Stay classic with grille and reflector or more specifically with lens and LED in white.


Discreet and yet very effective, the optical lenses make it possible to direct the luminous flux. In the blink of an eye, they clip onto the light source and allow the luminaire flux to be directed in several ways depending on the need.
  • Asymmetric optical lenses – ASY
  • Double asymmetric optical lenses – DBASY
  • 30° optical lenses – LENS30
  • 60° optical lenses – LENS60
  • Batwing optical lenses – BTW


Several methods can be used to obtain colored light for our tubular. To have static color, we recommend: an opal or clear body and a colored gelatin sheet (A) on the LED strip with diffuser.


  • (A/B) 960° polycarbonate sleeve (clear or opal) –C6-C7
  • (A/B) 650° reinforced methacrylate sheath (clear or opal) – C8-C9
  • (C) Glass sleeve (diameter 130 or 100) – Verre


  • (A) G1 double parabola grid
  • (B) G2 shiny aluminum anti-scroll grille
  • (C) G2-GOLD gold anti-scroll grid
  • (D) G4 white micro-perforated grid
  • (E) G4-RAL micro-perforated grille painted in standard RAL

Choose a standard luminaire installation with collars or ropes, or more graphic with line-up and vertical fixing.

Horizontal layout

The horizontal line for Turbo, Tufo, Tumo tubulars. This is an in-line assembly with stainless steel screw connection collars between each sleeve, 50 mm long. The maximum power for one line is 2000 W. Putting it online reduces the IP: IP43. If watertightness is necessary, it is possible by using pre-wired tubes with watertight connectors and screw junction collars between each 360 mm long duct.
  • (A) Line-up (IP43) – MLD/MLI/MLF

Pendant lights

All tubulars except 360° tubulars.
  • (A) Steel cable with white cover (the pair) – KITSUSBLANC
  • (B) 2 m steel wire (the unit) – CA200N02
  • (C) Cable with aesthetic end 2 m (the unit) – CA200N03
  • (D) Suspension by rods (to be coupled with collars with M6 F11 inserts) – TIGE
  • (E) Y-line – CAY200N01


  • (A) Round canopy diameter 80 mm painted in white RAL 9003 with grommet- KITPAVENS-RAL9003


For Turbo, Tufo, Tumo and Tuni tubulars.
  • (A) Gripple collar (all tubular) – GRIPTUM
  • (B) 304L stainless steel toggle clamp – CTUR-F1, CTUF-F1, CTUM-F1
  • (C) 304L stainless steel collar with screws (CHC) – CTUR-F2, CTUF-F2, CTUM-F2, CTUN-F2
  • (D) 304L stainless steel clamp with screws (TORX)- CTUR-F10, CTUF-F10, CTUM-F10, CTUN-F10
  • 304L stainless steel swivel collar with latch – CTUR-F7, CTUF-F7, CTUM-F7
  • (E) 304L stainless steel swivel collar with screws – CTUR-F8, CTUF-F8, CTUM-F8, CTUN-F8
  • 304L stainless steel toggle clamp with M6 inserts – CTUR-F11, CTUF-F11, CTUM-F11
  • (F) 304L stainless steel screw collar with M6 inserts – CTUR-F12, CTUF-F12, CTUM-F12, CTUN-F12

Remote driver

  • Non-waterproof remote driver (2 meters) – DE-200
  • (A) Waterproof remote driver (2 meters) – DE-IP-200

Microwave cell

Microwave presence detection cell integrated in the luminaires at the end of the plate which allows complete autonomy in the management of your installation such as corridors, stairs, car parks, etc.
The total length of the luminaire is increased by 110 mm. The cells can be installed in on/off mode for non-dimmable drivers or coupled with dimmable drivers integrating the Corridor function. In the case of a master-slave installation, a master luminaire can control slave luminaires within a limit of 400 W.
The cells are adjustable according to three parameters: the coverage area, the switch-on time after detection and the twilight detection. Standby power consumption: 0.5W.
  • (A) Microwave cell – CH

Bluetooth mesh compatible cell

Each device is a transmitter/receiver allowing information to be relayed to each other. Wireless, this system is perfect for rehabilitation projects!
  • (A) Bluetooth mesh microwave cell – CHMESH


No need to modify the installation and rewire the luminaires, once equipped with a Casambi module, the luminaire is ready to be controlled.
Also available: smart wireless switches with up to 4 storable scenes (A).
  • (A) CASAMBI Module – CAS

Middle feeding

The power supply is on the back rather than on the tip. This option makes the arrival of the power cable more discreet and reinforces the resistance to vandalism of the luminaire. The grommet can be in the middle or off-center.
Warning: causes a reduction in IP (IP54) and IK (IK08).

  • (A) Middle feed – MIL

360° lineup