Illuminate well with vertical tubes

Available on Tumo and Tufo tubulars

Present in many places, the tubular is a versatile luminaire –
combining resistance, watertightness and a sleek look – which has seen its use evolve in recent years.

The tubular with this type of installation is now requested by architects,
in particular to emphasize the verticality of the architecture and to stand out
luminaires always installed horizontally.

LED optics with asymmetrical orientation

This optic is made up of high-efficiency LEDs with asymmetrical optical lenses associated with a specific orientation cover. The flow is perfectly directed towards the ground as well as laterally, thus eliminating glare.

Exclusive to SFEL

The scroll grid

In order to avoid these various drawbacks, SFEL offers several technical solutions.

By scrolling the light source, that is to say by hiding it from the view of the observer at a certain angle, by means of a grid. This process makes it possible to have less flux in the field of vision, avoiding having the source directly. Thus, the visual comfort is improved, even if it is not possible to direct this flow clearly downwards.

The level of illumination

Despite the enthusiasm aroused, the vertical tube is not ideal in terms of illumination.

Less good distribution of the luminous flux
In the vertical position, the size of the product is smaller than in the horizontal position: the luminaire will therefore illuminate less widely.

Presence of visual discomfort
On the height of a vertical luminaire, a part is very often found right in the field of vision of the observer (defined at 1.2 m seated and 1.6 m standing). Dazzle of the observer is then possible.

Limited orientation of luminaire flow
Unlike a horizontal luminaire which can be oriented, it is not possible to direct the flux only downwards with a tubular in a vertical position.