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The LN brochure

Discover and download the LN brochure ! Download the new PDF brochure and discover all the options and accessories available.

LN : the ecological, aesthetic and economical luminaire

The LN, our new luminaire developed for the RATP is exceptional in more ways than one. In any case, it has three remarkable characteristics: ecological , aesthetic and economical .

The waterproof continuous-row lighting finally achievable with the LN !

Designed to meet all the requirements of the RATP, the LN luminaire is exceptional from many points of view. However, one unique feature worth highlighting is the waterproof continuous lineup.

The LN: a model of durability and maintainability

The RATP, with more than a century of existence, is a good example of continuity and sustainability.

The LN luminaire, designed to meet the needs of the Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens, was therefore developed in this spirit of solidity and long-term vision. In this context, the lifespan is essential and the design of the assembly has been designed for a period of 30 years.

The LN : you mount it where and how you want !

Like all current luminaires manufactured at SFEL, multiple options are available by default for the LN luminaire: colour temperatures, gradations, optics or tints. This luminaire is also available in three lengths, but what makes it exceptional in the range of its configurations is the number of fixing accessories .